Friday, October 2, 2009

Valentine Collins Timeline

Compiled by MHS President Jack Goins
With References to a Collins Timeline
Compiled by Frankie Blackburn and Brenda Collins Dillon

Wilkes County NC Tax list, 1787

Ambrose b. 1752
George b. 1754
David b. 1756
Martin b. 1758
Valentine "Vol" b. 1760
Vardy Collins b. 1764

1789 NE Part of Wilkes Co. NC Samuel Collins ( 0 poll means he was under 16 yrs) Volentine Collins (1 poll) Benjamin Collins (1 Poll....first appearance) (from Brenda Collins Dillions timeline

1790 FEDERAL CENSUS (1st in USA) Ambrose Collins 1m ov 16,1m und 16,2f George Collins 1m ov 16,3m und 16,3f David Collins 3m ov16,2m und 16, 6f Vardy Collins 1m ov 16,1 m und 16, 4f Volentine Collins 1, ov 16, 2f Martin Collins 1m ov 16, 3m und 16, 4 f David Collins 3 2 6 Hardy Collins 1 3 1 Vol Collins 1 2 Ambrose Collins 1 1 2 George Collins 1 2 4 Martin Collins 1 3 4 1790 Wilkes Co. Dist. 4 Ambrose Collins 1 poll Volentine Collins 1 poll Elisha Collins 1 poll (From BCD Timeline)

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  1. Pretty sure whoever Valentine Collins was he was one of my great grandparents-thusly, his son Joshua who married Elizabeth Dale, had a child named Elizabeth Collins called Becky who married Matthew Bridgeman who produced a son Joshua Bridgeman who married Abigail Woodruff Hibbs and produced my GreatGrandmother Martha Elizabeth Bridgeman-Joshua and his family moved to Georgia in late 1800's and lost touch with the Hibbs children half siblings and the Collins family as well as the rest of the Bridgeman clan who resided mostly on the TN/VA border and Joshua told my Grandpa James Lee Thompson stories of being born in a home on the TN/VA line and not knowing for sure which state he was actually born in-and of serving in the Civil War in the Virginian militia. I don't care who Valentine was but I believe him to be Native American and Hispanic as well as subsaharian decent as well as White. He is declared Lumbee and Saponi, I don't know if he is Vardy's brother but they are some relation because they followed each other from NC, to TN to VA to KY-back in that time they could not vote so there was power in numbers even if you were deemed Indian or Free men of Color or Mulatto so family stuck together to the point that they finally decided to come to GA lots of the Collins family and just not talk about it. I married a Collins who is probably a very distant cousin and their story is hush hush as well, Hiram Collins did indeed die in the Civil War fighting for the Union Army which is not discussed among Collins on his side> I did not know I had Collins ancestry when I married my husband. THANKS ALOT COLLINS MESS!!! SIGNED GRANDDAUGHTER OF VALENTINE.

  2. one more entry I would like noted and you will find this to be true of both Valentine and Vardy Collins they both have children and grandchildren named Hiram Collns and they both have children who married into the Goins and Bunch families-they both carry Portughese names such as Dicey and Lavisa as they married these women with these type name which my research has shown is of Portughese orgins-both families claim relation to Daniel Boone and I have heard this all my life even though I don't recall hearing the name Collins mentioned but I did hear Bridgeman and Woodruff many times. There are many circumstances that lean toward the blood relation of some type between Vardy and Valentine-once again signed-Valentines Granddaughter

  3. Collins in some these families here tend to fight then deny relation for some generations to come so that might account for some of this COLLINS MESS! They have children fighting on both Northern and Southern sides in the Civil War, this further opened any divides, as some went north and some went south. WE ARE ALL WHO WE ARE AND WE ARE SOMEWHAT THOSE FROM WHICH WE CAME-I AM NOT ASHAMED AS I DID NOT KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT seemed to have driven both Vardy and Valentine in life, they seemed to be constantly having to fight to keep the land they had and they seemed to be constantly defending their heritage to someone for some reason in four states, I think a lot just gave up and said what they thought people wanted to hear or said nothing at all. Deborah Thompson Collins