Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rev. Charles Kesterson

Cincinnati Enquirer
North Adams News (Frederick MD)
September 17, 1898

The Rev. Charles Kesterson is an odd Kentuckian who has been on both sides of the law. His father was one of the early pioneers of Hancock County, Tenn., and his mother was an Indian, being a member of the tribe of famous Malungeons. The Rev. Mr. Kesterson is 7 foot 8 inches tall, though he claims when in the prime of manhood he was over 8 feet tall. His weight is 309 pounds, and he is 73 years old. When lawlessness was at its height, the Rev. Mr. Kesterson was the terror of that country. He never heard the whistle of a locomotive or saw the iron monsters till a year or so ago, when he went to Knoxville. It is claimed by many of his neighbors that he has killed at least seven men. The old preacher denies this. He acknowledges the errors of his youth, but says that he never killed so many.

Note: I have seen no other source linking the name Kesterson to the Melungeons, but then, of course, it is his wife who is supposed to have been a Melungeon and her name is not given.

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