Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Late For Flowers, Never Too Late For Tears

An Essay by Roy L. Sturgill
Found in Historical Sketches of Southwest Virginia
Historical Society of Southwest Virginia Publication 12, 1978

As I study and try in my uneducated way to search out the genealogy of my forefathers, I try to picture in my mind the way they lived, how , and if their lives were influenced by the hard times they endured; and most of all I find myself wishing that I could have been with them, in their endeavor to wrest from the earth an existence, and an independence beyond reproach. Earlier in life, and seeing it through the eyes of an inquisitive boy. I was made to wonder why my elders settled in mountainous northwestern North Carolina, Southwest Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky. Now as the sands of time have flowed constantly onward, causing me to be older and perhaps a little wiser. I can understand their nomadic travels.

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