Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodspeed's Map of Early Tennessee

Published in 1886
Showing Early Settlements, Forts
Battle Grounds, Stands, and Stations

For the East Tennessee section of the map: Click Here.

For the West Tennessee section of the map: Click Here.

Note: The East Tennessee map shows a Fort Blackmore southwest of Newman's Ridge which should not be confused with the Fort Blackmore on the Clinch River at the mouth of Stoney Creek in Scott County, Virginia with which Melungeons are associated, the area around it being the final stop of some of Melungeons before arriving in the Newman's Ridge area according to Lewis Jarvis (For more on that: Click Here).

For the location of the Scott County Fort Blackmore on a 1774 map: Click Here.

Fort Blackmore is not actually show since it was not constructed until twenty years later, but Stoney Creek and the Clinch River are clearly marked.

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