Thursday, October 15, 2009

A History of Middle New River Settlements

And Contiguous Territories

By David E. Johnston
Author of Four Years a Soldier

Published in 1906

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Synopsis of Its Table of Contents

Chapter I -- 1654-1753
Chapter II -- 1753-1766
Chapter III -- 1766-1774
Chapter IV -- 1775-1794
Chapter V -- 1795-1836
Chapter VI -- 1837-1861
Chapter VII -- 1861-1865
Chapter VIII -- 1866-1905
Appendix A: Courts, Judges, etc.
Appendix B: Counties formed out of Augusta and Federick Counties
Appendix C: Biographical Sketches
Appendix D: Elected Officials
Appendix E: Commonwealth Attorneys for Giles County, 1806 - 1905
Appendix F: Confederate Officers
Appendix G: Military Rosters

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