Monday, October 19, 2009

Stony Creek Baptist Church Minute Books, 1801 - 1814

So far as is currently known, the word Melungeon first appeared in print in 1813 in the minutes of the Stony Creek Baptist Church located in Scott County, Virginia.

For a look at that entry: Click Here.

I have now made a transcript of the Stony (sometimes given as Stoney) Creek Primitive Baptist Church Minute Books 1 and 2, 1801-1814, available in their entirety on the MHS Blog.

To view these minutes: Click Here.

Note: The transfer of the minutes from their original format to blog format has resulted a number of formatting anomalies but the minutes remain perfectly readable. The formatting will be corrected over time. I have retain some historical notes and an index to the minutes which were appended by the transcriber. The page numbers referenced by the index are not preserved in blog format; however, the index is still useful in that it lists the names referenced in the minutes, and once you know that the original document contained 41 pages, the page numbers still give you a rough idea of where to look for a name.

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