Monday, October 26, 2009

Group for Gibson/Gipson Genealogy

This [Yahoo] group is for all people searching the Gibson/Gipson etc surname and all ancestors. You will feel like family here in no time. We all try to help each other. Robin and I [the group's owners] have been able to keep this group one of the most pleasant genealogy groups to belong to by not allowing spam, arguing etc. The members make it what it is also. We're pretty proud of the help people offer and the way every one conducts themselves. Could not ask for more.So if your interested in some serious genealogy searching you have come to the right place. Come on in and let's see if we can help each other. Many wishes of success on your search.

This is a "members only" group.

To join: Click Here.

Note: Please remember that not all Gibson/Gipson families were Melungeons, Melungeon descendants, or Melungeon progenitors!


  1. Dennis

    I tried to join the Gibson group it kept giving me an error message when all the information was correct.

  2. I just tried it myself and had no problem with it. What error message are you getting?

  3. I have belonged to this group for about 10 months now. It is a wonderful group with wonderful people all willing to help you with your research. I have learned so much and have obtained so many valuable web resouces from this group. Robin and Tammy do a wonderful job in keeping the group a pleasant place for people to go to share and obtain information. Kudos go out to both of them.