Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lewis Jarvis Interview

Lewis M. Jarvis
1903 Interview
Published in the
Hancock County Times

[Note: Lewis Jarvis was a local attorney, born in 1829 in nearby Scott County, Virginia and living most of his life in Hancock County, Tennessee, who knew many Melungeons, including Vary Collins and other early Melungeons.]

To read the interview:
Click Here.

Note: This is a re-blogging of an entry made here over a year ago and is the first in what will be a series of previous MHS Blog entries sporadically re-blogged due to their importance to Melungeon studies. Of all such entries, none is more important than this one, which is why it was chosen to be the first. The Jarvis interview is the best, most reliable contemporary account we have of the 19th century Melungeons, by a man who did not simply visit the Melungeons or repeat stories head about them, but who actually knew them over the course many decades.

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