Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sizemore Family History

My Sizemore Family History
By Samuel J Adams

Part I: Tales and Legends

Who were our Sizemore's and where did they come from? Discovering the answers to these simple questions turned out to be a great deal more difficult than I'd ever imagined. There are many tales and legends about our ancestors, but little actual proof. Some say we're descended from a line of Cherokee Indian Chiefs. Some think our blood is thick with fiery Scots-Irish. In the early stages of my quest I found us linked to several English noblemen, and even a Queen. That same genealogy took us back to a character named Fuko Howard who was born in the year 1115 in a place called Wiggenhall. Another had us connected to wealthy Virginia land owners and politicians. One tree even had us going back through Alfonso VI "The Valiant" King of Castile and Leon (born 1039 Castile, Spain), all the way back to Exilarch Hanini David, the high priest of the Jewish temple in Babylon, circa 620 B.C.! The truth - at least the provable part - is somewhat less glorious than kings and noblemen, but it's real. And the reality, as I've found it, is every bit as interesting.

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For detailed Sizemore genealogy: Click Here.

Note: Although not Melungeons themselves, some Melungeons had Sizemore ancestors, making the Sizemore family of interest to Melungeon researchers.

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