Monday, August 10, 2009

A Second Visit to the Melungeons

By C.H. Humble, 1897

Home Mission Monthly
Woman’s Board of Home Missions
The Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A

On July 3, 4 and 5, I was in Blackwater valley, between Mulberry and Newman's ridges, Hancock county, Tenn., where dwell a peculiar people called the Melungeons.

On August 26, I again started for this region, this time from Lone Mountain, on horseback, the distance being twenty-six miles, over a fair road with no considerable hills.

At least a dozen schoolhouses and churches were passed, in only one of which was there a Sunday- school.

About nine miles out I rode into a crowd of school-children, sixty in number, enjoying recess. The teacher said there were eighty scholars in the district, but they had no Sunday-school. He cheerfully agreed to give me an hour on the morrow at 2 P.M., and to "norate" the appointment. At that time the house was crowded, nearly a hundred persons being present. After an address, a Sabbath-school was organized, which we will be able to visit at short intervals.

But as the approach to Blackwater was made the inquiry arose, " What is my Fourth of July Sabbath-school doing?" and on my arrival I was rejoiced to learn that it was in a flourishing condition and was truly the "Pride of the Valley."

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Note: This link takes you to Humble's account of his first visit to the Melungeons which was blogged here a little over a month ago Since then his account of his second visit has been appended to it and can be found immediately following it by scrolling down. However, you might want to read or reread his account of his first visit before reading about his second visit. Below both accounts are several quotes from Presbyterian publications further mentioning the Melungeons between 1897 and 1919.

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