Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Research a Little Bit of Melungeon

A Basic Guideline.

Pat Spurlock Presented This Talk
At the East Tennessee Historical Society First Families Fair
On May 27, 2000.
Reprinted here by permission of Mrs. Elder

Good morning and Welcome to Knoxville! I appreciate you all showing up because I LOVE to talk about Melungeons. I’d like to keep my lecture short enough that we’ll have plenty of time for questions.

You’ll see on your handout a list of my frequently asked questions and the answers are:

How do you pronounce that word? Melungeon

What is a Melungeon? We’ll cover that in a minute.

Am I a Melungeon? Not that I know of but I want to be.

Are you a Melungeon? I don’t know.

These may seem like silly questions, and I do want us to have fun with the seminar, but without a serious definition and a plan, you won’t get very far in Melungeon research. Your handout highlights the boring parts about how to develop a theory and obtain dependable results. I know that researching Melungeons isn’t as dangerous as doing brain surgery, but you still need reliable methods and skills if you want reliable results.

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