Friday, August 28, 2009

Jonesborough, Tennessee

Founded in 1779, Jonesborough is Tennessee's oldest incorporated jurisdiction and is the County Seat of Washington County. Washington County was created in 1777 by Act of North Carolina as one of six counties on the western frontier in what later became the State of Tennessee. Frustrated with the lack of commitment from North Carolina to maintain and defend Jonesborough and other settlements, efforts were made to form a new state called the "State of Franklin" between 1784 and 1788. Jonesborough served as Franklin's temporary capital until a decision was reached to remain part of North Carolina.

When North Carolina ratified the new US Constitution in 1789, it ceded its western counties to the federal government and Jonesborough was placed under a territorial government. Finally statehood was achieved on June 1, 1796, when Tennessee was admitted as the sixteenth state of the Union following a close vote in Congress.

The Town of Jonesborough and surrounding Washington County were home to Andrew Jackson and many founding fathers of the State of Tennessee. Outstanding preservation efforts have made this Town one of the most authentic historic districts from the period 1790 to 1870 in the nation. Jonesborough is home to the International Storytelling Center that features numerous special events and festivals annually.

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