Friday, March 26, 2010

Relative Finder vs. Family Finder

By MHS Board Member Roberta Estes

Hello everyone,

If you are interested in or have taken the new Relative Finder or Family Finder tests from either 23andMe or Family Tree DNA, please read this entirely to the end. I'm sorry for the length of this article, but it is important information.

I'm very pleased to see that the 23andMe test will have some competition. The prices have already come down. But which test is best and what is to be gained from either or both?

I'd like to chat about both of them, especially since one, 23andMe, is on sale and the other is not quite ready for release, Family Finder from Family Tree DNA, which is of course why 23andMe put theirs on sale when they did.

I'd like to do a comparison about what is tested, what you get and why you might want to test with either or both companies.

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