Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Blacksburg Museum

The Blacksburg Museum establishes and informs a sense of place and time for Blacksburg, Virginia citizens and visitors through the interpretation of its historic buildings.

The Price House, 1840s-1853 (107 Wharton Street)
The Five Chimneys House, 1852 (203 Washington Street)
The Thomas-Conner House, 1878 (104 Draper Road)
The Alexander Black House, ca. 1897 (204 Draper Road)
The Odd Fellows Hall, 1905 (203 Gilbert Street)
The Bennett House, ca. 1912 (303 Wilson Avenue)
Old Town Hall, ca. 1920 (141 Jackson Street)
The Armory, 1936 (201 Draper Road)
The Blacksburg Motor Company(formerly Doc Roberts Tire), 1924 (400 South Main Street)

The museum is currently planning for the restoration of the Alexander Black House and the Odd Fellows Hall. The headquarters of the museum will be in the historic Alexander Black House, an 1897 Queen Anne Victorian home moved to its location on Draper Road in 2002. The Black House will be a cultural center celebrating Blacksburg’s heritage while providing space for public and private events. The Odd Fellows Hall will be restored and dedicated to collecting, preserving, and presenting the contributions of African-Americans to the community

To visit the Museum's web site: Click Here.

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