Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Christiansburg Institute

Dedicated to the education of African Americans immediately following emancipation and continuing throughout the segregation era, the Christiansburg Institute may be thought of as the Tuskegee Institute of Virginia. Indeed, Book T. Washington served as its superintendent for a number of years and its faculty boasted many Tuskegee graduates. With the end segregation in Virginia, the Institute closed in 1966 but its history is now being honored through a museum and educational center thanks to the work of Christiansburg Institute, Inc., founded in 1996, whose mission is to promote and preserve its unique place in the history of African American education in ways which will exemplify its legacies of educational achievement and lifelong educational opportunity. Central to its mission is the restoration of the Christiansburg Institute campus to include the Smokehouse Museum, the Shop building, a Memorial Garden, the Principals' Cemetery and the renovation of the historic landmark Edgar A. Long building.

To visit the Christiansburg Institute online: Click Here.

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