Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pictures of Mahala Mullins' Cabin

Below are three pictures of the cabin home of Melungeon matriarch and moonshiner extraordinaire, Mahala Mullins:

The cabin while still occupied, around 1940

The cabin not long prior to its removal in 1994

The restored cabin rebuilt near Vardy, Tennessee


  1. hey! i love these pictures. These pictures that you have here are very special to me. mahala mullins is one of great aunts. ive heard so many stories about her and house sitting on the middle of 2 state lines so when the police would come and try to lock her up for making moonshine she would move to the other side so they couldnt lock her up

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! But I must point out that Mahala's cabin did not sit on a state line. She escaped "justice" due to her size which made it very difficult to transport her.

  3. hey there i love them too leaj62 she is supposed to be my 4 great grandmother would love to talk ot u more i dont know much but would like to find out more get back with me at

  4. leaj62, who were your family member that were connected to Mahala? Perhaps we could exchange info. Email me at

  5. She was my sons 5th great grandmother.

  6. She was my sons 5th great grandmother.