Saturday, January 23, 2010

Devil Jim Turner

Outlaw of Harlan County

My interest in `Devil Jim' was first aroused by the Reverend John Jay Dickey's interview with Woodard Lyttle and curiosity about the killings of William and David Middleton. Since then many bits and pieces of information related to the events surrounding Devil Jim's life have been discovered. The following partial account of Devil Jim Turner is compiled from many sources, Harlan and Clay County court records, census records, Narcissus Middleton's letter, traditional family stories, the above mentioned Woodard Lyttle interview with Dickey and other sources. Some assumptions have been made as to the character and personality of some of the persons involved and as to the timing of some of the events.

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  1. my name is jim turner. my family is from harlan ky. i have lived here in bluffton, in. nearly all of my life. we moved away from coal fields in 1951. im 69 years old, ive always wondered about my family background. now i find a weird article about devil jim turner. my people are probaly decendences of devil jim. since one of my uncles shot the other in the back of the head over an apple.
    we lived up in turners creek, at dizney ky. my grandpa was a mean man, and so were all of my uncles on the turner side so this dosent surprise me at all. my e mail address is

  2. Hi there ! My name is misty and I am related to James "Devil Jim" Turner My cousin Told me last year that we was related to James "Devil Jim" Turner so I got intrested and trying to find info about him and all my relatives
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  3. My names Tiffany saylor and my family was born in Harlan ky. We've just discovered through tracing our anestry that devil jim turner is my very great great grandfather and I don't know right now how far back, until I get all the info.

  4. My name is Kim Turner daughter of Charles Turner Greatgranddauhhter of Minter Turner; great great granddaughter of Calvin Turner&Great (Great Great granddaughter OF DEVIL JIM TURNER)So I am A direct Descendant of Devil Jim Turner,,, I would love! To know more about his Ancestr,and since he was mulungen??? What exactly that is,,, my.if anyone knows the Answers, to the TURNER'S Ancestry please contact Me. THANKS.

  5. My name is Daniel Turner, and my family has been telling me that I am related to Devil Jim Turner, I am trying to find out how much further the family goes back. please feel free to contact me, I would love to get more info