Monday, September 21, 2009

Melungeons: Footprints from the Past

Just Published!!!

Melungeons: Footprints from the Past

By Jack Goins
Eminent Melungeon Researcher
MHS President and Hawkins County Archivist

In Melungeons: Footprints from the Past, author Jack H. Goins revisits several events described in his previous book, Melungeons and Other Pioneer Families, using new evidence from court records and DNA testing. Goins trails the Melungeons from the Pamunkey River to the Flat River, then to the New River, Fort Blackmore, Blackwater and Newman's Ridge. Goins was born in Hancock County, Tennessee and is a descendant of several pioneer families who settled in the Clinch River Valley circa 1800.

Quoting Jack himself: "This book represents a lifetime goal of putting into writing a true story about the lives of my pioneer families and also the lives and migration route of the people labeled Melungeon, where they came from, their parents, their bloodline, which is based upon their own testimony and backed by documented evidence, including DNA testing. [Also] included is a brief autobiography of my first few years of this research journey, and of growing up on a farm with the hard times my parents had in the beginning of their marriage."

The book is priced at $25, shipping included, and may be purchased directly from the author by writing, calling or emailing him at:

Jack Goins
270 Holston View Drive
Rogersville, TN 37857
(423) 272-7297

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