Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autosomal Test Opportunity

New 23andMe Autosomal Test Opportunity -- Very Limited Time

By MHS Board Member Roberta Estes

Recently I have been invited to gather a group to participate in a very special beta group at 23andMe.

I want to state very clearly this offer is for a very limited time. If you wish to participate, KITS MUST BE ORDERED BY SEPTEMBER 30TH (2009) AND RETURNED TO THE LAB NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 30TH.

When I took this test, it cost $995. The current public price is $399 for the full service test and this special beta price is dramatically less, in fact, it’s only slightly more than their Research Edition test listed here, but because of the special nature of this project, you get the full test for the discounted price which is slightly more than the Research Edition.

For this special price, you receive all of their Ancestry results which you can see here and their 116 genetic traits which you can see here

For complete information: Click Here.

Note: This offer is being presented here because it is a very good deal from a reputable DNA testing organization, vouched for by a highly reputable MHS board member with much experience and expertise in this area, which may be of interest to some MHS Blog readers. Do note, however, that autosomal testing provides only limited and very general ancestral information. DNA testing is not a substitute for sound, documented genealogical research. And please note in particular that this is not a test for Melungeon ancestry. There is no DNA test for Melungeon ancestry. The only way DNA testing can ever prove Melungeon ancestry is by proving actual descent from a known, historically documented Melungeon whose DNA is available for comparison.

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