Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evidences of Freedom

By MHS Board Member Kevin Mullins

Contained in miscellaneous record book containing minutes of Mayor's Court, Knoxville (07 March 1838-January Term 1840) and minutes of meetings of Knoxville Mayor and Aldermen May 1886-August 1889. Book is now in the holdings of the Knox County Archives. Microfilm of volume is in the McClung Historical Collection.


James Goins

James Goins presented the following as the best evidence that he can
obtain of his Freedom

State of Tennessee }
Hawkins County }
County Court, May Term 1857
Personally appeared in open court Aaron Mooney & Rodham Chesnutt
residents of said county &
state who being duly sworn according to Law depose and say that they
are well acquainted with
James Goins a colored man who lately resided in Hawkins County
Tennessee and that they knew his
mother who was a white woman and his reputed Father was a mulatto, and
that the said James
Goins was born free.

State of Tennessee }
Hawkins County }
I James H. Vance Clerk of the County Court of said county do
certify that the foregoing is a true
[begin strike through] copy [end strike through] transcript from the
Record of my Court.
Given under my hand and official seal at office in Rogersville
the 7th day of May 1857.
J. H. Vance Clerk


Mary Elizabeth Williams

State of Tennessee }
Hawkins County }
I Richard Mitchell a resident and citizen of Hawkins County
Tennessee for upwards of Fifty
years do certify that the bearer of this Mary Elizabeth Williams a
colored girl aged nineteen years is
free was born free that I raised her Grandmother and mother who were
both free.
Given under my hand this 10th day of May AD 1847.
Richard Mitchell
State of Tennessee }
Hawkins County }
I do certify that I am well acquainted with the above named girl
Mary Elizabeth Williams and
was also acquainted with her mother before her death who lived with me
up to the time of her death
that she was a free woman and that said Mary is a free girl and so
considered by all the neighbours.
Given under my hand this 10th day of May AD 1847.
Willie B. Mitchell

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