Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Melungeons

A previous MHS Blog entry dealing with the company stores of the Appalachian coalfields used Tennessee Ernie Ford's song "Sixteen Tons" as its introduction. [To view: Click Here.] A comment on it made by MHS board member Kevin Mullins asked if anyone knew anything about Ford being involved with raising money for the Melungeon outdoor drama, Walk Toward the Sunset, which was produced at Sneedville in Hancock County from 1969 to 1976. The Kingsport Post article dated February 11, 1971 linked to below discusses this and much more about Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Melungeons.

To read: Click Here.

Note: The article is lengthy and the web site presents a digital image of the original newspaper article, not a transcription of it. The image is quite clear and easily read but no scrollbars are provided. To read the entire article, you must drag it up and down the screen using your mouse: Place your mouse cursor over it -- it will turn into a little hand -- grab the article by holding down your left mouse button, then, keeping your left mouse button depressed, move your mouse to reposition the article on the screen as needed to read it all .

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