Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch of Robertson County, Tenneesseee is said to be the only paranormal event ever commemorated in the United States by a state-erected roadside historical marker, as can be seen in the photo above (click on it to enlarge).

It is certainly one of the most elaborate, detailed ghost stories ever told, with the haunting persisting, on a highly dramatic and almost continuous basis, from 1820 to 1828, and involving Andrew Jackson, no less.

Or so the story goes.

To read a fairly detailed account of the Bell Witch story: Click Here.

To read what really happened, or rather what didn't really happen: Click Here.

This is not merely an unusually colorful bit of Tennessee lore and legend. There is a moral here that very much pertains to Melungeon research: There are many lurid tales told in print and on the net about the Melungeons and Melungeon origins, but the more closely and critically you examine them, the more you find there is little or no truth to them.

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