Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Brief Revised History of Vardy Community

By William P. Grohse
June 1, 1965

Located in a small narrow valley nestled between Newmans Ridge and Powell Mountain, on Blackwater Creek, in Hancock County, Tennessee.
Before creation of Hancock County in 1844 (organized 1846), Vardy was part of Hawkins County. Before creation of Hawkins County (1796) its area was embraced by the State of Franklin County of Spencer. Prior to 1785 it was part of the Washington District of N/ Carolina. At one time it was also considered part of Virginia, and, also part of Kentucky.
Dr. Thomas Walker and his exploring party are believed to have passed through or nearby this area, as early as 1748. In the fall of 1762 - Elisha Wallen and his party actually hunted in the Blackwater Creek area.
Settled permanently about the same time that Capt. William Bean settled Bean Station in 1769. The first settlers are believed to have been Navarrh Collins and Shepard Gibson who thought they were still in Virginia.

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