Sunday, June 13, 2010

19th-Century Grave Rests in the Middle of the Road

On a quaint country road in Johnson County, just outside of Indianapolis, travelers can find something quite peculiar: a gravestone in the middle of the road.

The grave of Nancy Barnett sits smack in the middle of Hill's Camp Road, a country road about 20 miles south of Indianapolis.

It's been there since 1831 when she was originally buried. To give Mrs. Barnett some credit, the area used to be a full-blown cemetery, so it wasn't always such a strange location.

According to historical information at the grave site, Barnett picked the spot out herself and told her children that was exactly where she wanted her final resting place to be. This, of course, was before any road plans were ever made.

So when the county decided to lay a new road right over the cemetery in the early 1900s, her family refused. As the other bodies were relocated to a nearby area, Barnett's burial plot stood its ground.

"The family guarded the grave site and would not let anyone move the grave to make room for the new road," explains Rocky Stultz, the assistant superintendent of the Parks and Recreation Department.

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