Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some Colonial Records of Virginia, 1619 -- 1668

Some some colonial records of Virginia spanning the years from 1619 to to 1668, including the proceedings of the first Virginia legislative assembly, have been made available online by Project Gutenberg. The title not withstanding, these records are by no means complete but may be of interest.

Table of Contents
  • I. The First Assembly of Virginia, held July 30, 1619
  • II. List of the livinge and the dead in Virginia, Feb'y 16, 1623
  • III. A briefe declaration of the plantation of Virginia, during the first twelve years, when Sir Thomas Smith was Governor of the Company
  • IV. A list of the number of men, women and children, inhabitants in the several Counties within the Collony of Virginia, in 1634
  • V. A letter from Charles II., acknowledging the receipt of a present of Virginia Silk, 1668
  • VI. A list of the Parishes in Virginia, 1680
  • VII. Addenda
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