Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moonshining Remembered

From an Article in the Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, October 11, 1995

By Clifton Caudill

In the early years of my life, which began in 1913, many places and things on our 200 acre farm had names that indicated what and where they were so when talking to family members or anyone, the location of the place or object could be determined. This was true in most all mountain households, but is fast disappearing and seldom heard in conversations of today. Mention the Hoe Ding, the Narrows, the Whirl Hole or Pig Pen Gap and you may suddenly become a prime candidate for the bug house. Today's talk would like be about Bluegrass and Standiford Field airports, Interstate 75, a concert in Rupp Arena, or how to cure the ills of the U. S. government. How time and tides do change.

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