Friday, January 28, 2011

Caring for Your Family Archives

Advice from the National Archives

Topics discussed:

* How do I preserve my family papers?
* How can I safely mount my documents, memorabilia, and photographs into albums or scrapbooks?
* What kind of photo album should I use?
* How should I attach my photos to the album pages?
* Should I remove my photographs from old albums, such as black paper albums or self-stick albums?
* How should I caption my photographic prints; is there a safe way to write on the back of photographs?
* How should I frame and display my photographs?
* How should I store my photographic prints?
* Should I convert my home movies to video tape?
* How can I get some important documents that I own repaired?
* Should I digitize my photo collection? Is it safe to throw away my original film and prints after I digitize them?

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