Friday, January 7, 2011

Announcing a New Melungeon Discussion Group

Libby Bunch Smiddy, a bona fide Melungeon descendant through multiple lines, and I, a long-time RootsWeb Melungeon list moderator in years past, have established a new, Yahoo-based Melungeon discussion group called Melungeon Studies.

This group is not affiliated with the Melungeon Historical Society, the Melungeon Heritage Association or any DNA testing project or organization. As such, the only constraints on discussions there will be that they be evidence-based and that the usual and expected participant decorum be maintained. Being Yahoo-based, this group also has the advantage of allowing files and images to be uploaded its web site for all to share, among other features, although the actual discussions are carried out through email in the manner of a RootsWeb mailing list (but are also accessible through its web site).

The noted Melungeon researchers Joanne Pezzullo and Kathy James have already signed on to be a part of this new group, and anyone interested in joining us should: Click Here.

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