Sunday, February 14, 2010

Podcast Appalachia: Appalachian Music


Music has become one of the most widely recognized aspects of Appalachian culture, both inside and outside the region. With the help of concerts and radio, Appalachian music and musicians have achieved worldwide fame, and the distinctive styles of Appalachian music and musicians have become representatives of the Appalachian region to fans throughout the world. Additionally, Appalachian music has proven to be very influential within numerous other genres of music as well.

The two most obvious genres of music with heavy Appalachian influence are Bluegrass and Country, but, as is often the case, the reality is far more complex than many observers assume. Appalachians have indeed been critical in the development of Bluegrass and Country music, but they have also provided much influence to various other genres as well, including rock, rhythm and blues, and even pop.

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Note: The concludes my blogging of all the Appalachian Podcast episodes, saving for last, as a Valentine's Day present, an episode on one of my favorite topics. As I said on Wednesday, it is a shame this series was so short-lived. Fortunately, however, we have Dave Tabler's always to be recommended weekly Appalachian history podcasts which have been produced continuously for years now.

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Since Dave's podcasts are not available as transcripts but must be downloaded and actually listened to, a broadband connection is highly recommended.

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