Sunday, February 28, 2010

Historic Smithfield Plantation

Blacksburg, Virginia

On the eve of the American Revolution, the Virginia backcountry was a place of colliding cultures, clashing ideals, and physical danger. Wolves howled at night; panthers roamed the forest. Europeans and native Shawnee and Cherokee vied for the same fertile farmlands, often erupting into murderous violence.

It was here, at the eastern continental divide - the literal edge of European/American civilization - that leader of westward expansion and Revolutionary War patriot William Preston established Smithfield Plantation. In a land of log cabins and physical hardship, Smithfield provided a haven of aristocratic elegance and became the social and political center of the county.

Historic Smithfield is on the National Register of Historic Places, the Virginia Landmarks Register, and is a Preservation Virginia property.

To visits the plantation's web site: Click Here.

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