Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Virginia Memory

Gateway to the Library of Virginia's
Online Digital Collections

Launched in 2009, Virginia Memory is part of the online presence of the Library of Virginia, the state archives and reference library at the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In 2006, the Library began reviewing its online presence and came to the conclusion that our traditional Web site could no longer deliver effectively our online content.

In 2007 and 2008, work began in earnest on the redesign of our agency site, as well as the creation of this offering, Virginia Memory. Virginia Memory has been designed as a gateway to the Library's digital collections, whether those items are indexed and delivered through traditional library systems, offered in online exhibitions, organized as resources for educators and students, or presented as research articles by staff who work with the collections on a daily basis.

To go to Virginia Memory: Click Here.

To go directly to its online collections: Click Here.

To visit the Library of Virginia's main web site: Click Here.

Note: The Virginia Memory web site is still in beta test and therefore may be unusually buggy.

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