Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three Administrative Matters

One) I believe I have now updated all links previously pointing to Joanne Pezzullo's "Our Melungeons" web site to point to her new web site. If you find any that I missed, please let me know.

Two) Please let me know about any broken links you may find, or anything about the blog that does not look right. In the latter case, let me know what browser you are using and your screen resolution. I use Firefox, currently release 3.5, which I highly recommend, at 1152x864. The blog will format differently to accommodate different resolutions and may therefore look better at some than others, and that is pretty much unavoidable; however, if the problem is browser-specific, I may be able to fix it.

Three) Someone has begun spamming MHS Blog comments with commercial messages. For that reason, I am now requiring that one of those "duplicate this text" blocks be satisfied prior to making comments. I am sorry it was necessary. I hate those things myself and sincerely hope Blogspot does not make theirs difficult to read, as so many do, but if this does not solve the problem, I will be forced to disallow anonymous comments.

Sorry for such a dull blog entry!!

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