Friday, November 13, 2009

The National Archives Online

The National Archives and Records Administration, NARA, maintains a rich but unwieldy web site filled with much information and pointing to a wealth of genealogical and historical resources, many of them unavailable anywhere else.

To visit its main page: Click Here.

To visit its main genealogical page: Click Here.

There are currently two NARA search engines in use, NAIL, the National Archives Information Locator, and ARC, the Archival Research Catalog, currently 68% complete and slated to eventually replace NAIL.

To use NAIL: Click Here.

To use ARC: Click Here.

For a two page primer on using NAIL and ARC: Click Here. (A PDF reader required.)

Links to detailed help are provided with both search engines.

Note: The primer's address for ARC is out of date and will not work.

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