Saturday, August 23, 2008

Melungeon Historical Society Blog

*****  Important Note *****

I left the Melungeon Historical Society in late 2010 and no longer support or endorse that organization.   I left because it did not live up to the high hopes and expectation I had for it when I began this blog.


The Melungeon Historical Society blog is a resource for anyone who would like to know more about the mixed-ethnic people of Southern Appalachia known as Melungeons.

This blog is owned and operated by the Melungeon Historical Society, a non-profit organization made up of scholars, Melungeon descendants and others interested in discovering and preserving the heritage of the Melungeon people.

The purpose of this blog is to share factual, documented information about the Melungeons. There are many schools of thought on this subject and you will find that very learned researchers have widely differing views. Comments are welcome so long as the blog's contributors, other commenters and our readers are treated with respect. We are all free to express our opinions but we should always acknowledge that they are, indeed, opinions. Factual information should be accompanied by citations and/or links .

This blog is not intended to be a detailed genealogical resource, but rather a source of more general information. For more detailed genealogical and in-depth research questions, we encourage you to join the Melungeon Historical Society. The MHS uses documented family genealogy, documented historical research and documented DNA research conforming to recognized professional and scholarly standards to compile and prepare records and publications, to keep members informed via a newsletter and a members-only web forum, and to sponsor and encourage educational meetings, gatherings, lectures and web activities involving Melungeon genealogy and history. The Melungeon Historical Society is a membership organization, and those interested in joining should contact Becky Nelson at

You need not be of Melungeon descent or a Melungeon researcher to join the Melungeon Historical Society: We look forward to a new era in Melungeon research and welcome all who share our desire to preserve and document Melungeon genealogy, history and heritage.

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