Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jack Goins

Jack Goins, author of Melungeons and Other Pioneer Families, is one of the premier Melungeon researchers, both of today and of all time. He also happens to be a bona fide Melungeon descendant, administrator on an on-going Melungeon core family DNA project, and the MHS Vice-President for Heritage. His web site is a treasure trove of Melungeon and Melungeon-related history and genealogy, not all of which is easily found from the front page. Easily found or not, I will be publishing links to articles on Jack's web site here from time to time, starting with a Melungeon overview article: "Examining Melungeon History and Genealogy."

To go to the article: Click Here.

To go to Jack's front page: Click Here.

Note: These links will take you outside this blog and Blogspot. If you have a tabbed browser, I would recommend opening them in a separate tab, which your browser may do in any event, depending on the browser you are using and how it is configured; otherwise, use your browser's back-button to return.

When you visit Jack's front page, use of the site search engine found at the bottom is highly recommend and frequently rewarding.

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