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Richmond Times Dispatch for Feb. 12, 1926

Richmond Times Dispatch
Feb. 12, 1926 


House General Laws Body
Acts Favorably on Amended

Stripped of Provisions 
Classifying Indian Blood
as Colored

The amended racial integrity bill
was favorably reported late yesterday
afternoon by the House Committee on
General Laws, in executive session and 
will now go on the House calendar.

Stripped of the provisions that would hav
classified as non-white descendants
of many prominent families fused with the 
blood of Indian Chiefs, the measure
retain the maximum penalty of five years' 
imprisonment for marriage between whie and 
non-white races.

Indians living on reservations in Virginia and
foreign non-white white students are
classed as white.

Non-whites are defined in the following

"That persons deriving from mixed Indian groups, resident within or without the State of Virginia such as are known and designated as "Melungeons" "Red Bones" "Moors" Mixed Indian or others, shall be deemed to be non-white.

A person of the white race is defined as to be a person whose blood is entirely white having no known demonstrable or ascertainable admixture of the blood of another race.

The amended bill provides that parties to marriage prior to June 17, 1924 whose blood mixture was white and North American Indian blood, and their legal descendants shall be deemed to be white persons.

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