Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saponi Town

This web site is for those seeking to research Native American ancestry deriving from the Piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina. These are Siouan people, commonly referred to generically as the Saponi, Tutelo. Occoneechee, Eno, Cheraw. Many families connected to these bloodlines have carried the identification of " Blackfoot ." Virginia and North Carolina, especially Southside Va, has thousands of the descendents of these people. Some of these people are in state recognized tribes but the vast majority of these people are not formally organized in tribes. Also we have found migration trails into all of Appalachia -- West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee; on into Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa. Some are even known to have settled in Alberta, Canada. There are historical records and family genealogies involving New York, while the historical records notes the main body, referred to at that point as Tutelo, being adopted into the Six Nations in Ontario. It is believed that many descendants survive Tutelo adoptees into some of those Six Nations. There are also migration patterns into South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas.

To visit Saponi Town: Click Here.

The Saponi Town web site contains a section called "Appalachian Mountain Families" originally created and maintained by the late Melungeon researcher Brenda Collins Dillon.

To go to it directly: Click Here.

Note: Dr. Richard Carlson, the subject of a recent MHS Blog entry, in his dissertation, showed a link between the Saponi and some Melungeon families. For more information: Click Here.

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