Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Cherokee Preservation Foundation

 The Cherokee Preservation Foundation plays an important role in western North Carolina.

* The Cherokee Preservation Foundation's purpose is to improve the quality of life of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and strengthen the western North Carolina region.

* The Cherokee Preservation Foundation was established on November 14, 2000, as part of the Second Amendment to the Tribal-State Compact between the EBCI and the State of North Carolina.

* The Foundation’s focus is on project, planning and capacity initiatives that will enhance the Cherokee culture, facilitate economic development and job opportunities, and improve the environment. We are helping the EBCI and its neighbors address challenges that include the loss of jobs from manufacturing plant closures, potential environmental degradation due to increased traffic and localized growth in specific areas, the deteriorating growth of small and medium businesses in the region, and a decline in visits from tourists to Cherokee cultural events and institutions.

* For over a thousand years, the Cherokee have been making beautiful, highly functional baskets from the natural materials that grow in the forests of what is today the southeastern United States. One of the many complex designs created by Cherokee basket weavers is the Unbroken Friendship pattern. We have incorporated this pattern in the Cherokee Preservation Foundation logo to symbolize the Foundation’s role as a convener that brings the people of the EBCI together with their neighbors in the region and other sources of assistance to address mutual opportunities and concerns.

* The Cherokee Preservation Foundation is funded by gaming revenues generated by the EBCI. It is an independent foundation that is not part of or associated with any for-profit gaming entity.

To visit the Foundation: Click Here.

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